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1. Get in touch!

Contact our staff and tell as much as possible about your problem. We will schedule you a visit by a local pest exterminator in your area.

2. Inspecting your home

Your pest technician will arrive and fully-inspect the property to determine the size of the infestation and the most appropriate way to deal with it.

3. Treating the pest

We treat a wide variety of pests using the latest industry methods and cutting-edge equipment. Our exterminators perform emergency services.

4. Vermin-free home!

Enjoy a vermin-free property with our pest removal services. In the hands of Nifty Pest Control company, your home will become safe once more.

Nifty Pest Control Company

We eradicate pest intruders from your home

We are a young pest control company, comprised of exterminators and supporting staff with years of experience on the field. We have the know-how and the equipment to deal with vermin such as mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, termites, spiders, fleas, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, moths, and many more!

We have developed proven ways of eradicating the intruders and ensuring that you won’t be having problems in the future. Our goal is to further refine our pest control methods and to provide one of the most affordable pest control services in your area.

Emergency Pest Control

Need us to attend to your pest problem immediately? No worries! Nifty Pest Control works with local exterminators who are available 24/7 and ready to get their hands to work and eradicate the vermin.

Free Quotes

Requesting a quote is easy and free! Give us a call and describe your pest issue. Our experienced operators will calculate the price of the service and will schedule it for you.

Same-day Treatments

Our pest control company performs same-day treatments of various pests. Simply get in touch to schedule your service and leave the rest in the capable hands of an experienced pest technician.

7 Days a Week & on Bank Holidays

Having a pest running freely in your home is both disgusting and dangerous. We perform pest control services 7-days a week and on bank holidays without a price increase!

We specialize in:

Bed Bug Control

We know exactly how to control and eradicate bed bugs, adults and eggs alike. Our bed bug exterminators are available for the task whenever you need them!

Mice & Rat Control

Our local exterminators perform successful rodent removal services in your area. We inspect and eradicate mice and rats.

Flea Treatment

House fleas are a common problem for animal owners but our experienced pros know exactly what to do to remove them from your home. Our treatments have impeccable results!

Ant Control

Ants may not be dangerous at first but they can cause serious trouble when reproducing and taking over your home. Book our professional ant control services today!

Termite Control

Termites are incredibly destructive for your home or business building. Our special termite treatments are designed to eradicate this tricky to spot vermin.

Fly Control

We work with some of the fest fly control specialists in Australia and offer a modern service accompanied by advanced technology and dependable pest control techniques.

Moth Control

Nifty’s moth control specialists will come to your property prepared with all the necessary equipment, gear, and pest insecticides to fully eliminate your moth problem.

Mosquito Control

A trustworthy and dependable mosquito control service follows a step-by-step, result-proven process that guarantees results every time. Nifty’s mosquito technicians are trained to do so.

Spider Control

Spiders are not only creepy but also harmful for your family. Our accredited spider exterminators will attend to your spider problem and ensure that the vermin are destroyed.

Possum Removal

Possums can be aggressive and can bring a variety of bacteria, infections, and viruses into your living or working space. Stay protected and ensure swift and fast elimination with our professional possum removal service.

Cockroach Control

Effective cockroach treatment starts with a careful property examination. We use the latest products in the fight against this unsightly bug and can ensure complete eradication.

Wasp & Bee Control

Wasps pose a special danger for people with allergies, besides their painful stings. Nifty Pest Control can remove wasps and their nests in a single visit to your home or office!

Carpet Beetle Control

Carpet beetles successfully hide not only in your carpets but furniture and other fabrics, feeding off debris and dirt particles. We can help you enjoy a 100% carpet beetle-free home with our services.

Dead Animal Removal

We are here to help you with expert dead animal removal services performed in a discreet and prompt manner. We will locate the carcasses and safely dispose of them, leaving behind a clean environment to occupy.

End of Lease Pest Control

Our professional end of lease pest control solution can help you get your full tenancy deposit back and leave your rented property in perfect shape for its next occupants.

Commercial Pest Control

We perform all pest services for business properties as well. Ensure that you comply with industry regulations and that your property is vermin-free with Nifty Pest Control!


How can I get in touch with you?

You can either give us a call or fill in our contact form.

What is the soonest time I can book a service?

Give us a call and we will arrange a visit by a local exterminator as soon as possible. We perform emergency pest treatments and same-day services.

How many exterminators perform the pest control service?

Our pest control services are performed by a single local exterminator. If your property is bigger, like a commercial storage facility, we can dispatch several people to perform the job.

Do you work on weekends and official hollidays?

Yes, we do! We are available at any time you need us to eradicate a pest from your home or office.

Book a pest control service or contact us today