Wasp Nest Removal & Bee Control Services in Sydney

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Our wasp & bee extermination services in short

Removing a wasp nest from your house or yard is risky and can result in allergic reactions if you get stung. That is why it’s best to leave the task of removing bees and wasps to professional exterminators in your area. We have the protective gear, proper tools, professional products and the years of experience to secure your home or office space and free it from bees and wasps.

Step 1

Inspecting – as the first step of our process, your wasp exterminator will carefully examine the property to ensure that the nest is located and that there aren’t any others forming in the nooks and crannies of the building structure.

Step 2

Wasp Nest Removal & Bee Control – depending on the type of insect, the wasp or bee exterminator will choose the proper treatment technique and apply a professional grade product to the nest to eradicate the vermin.

Step 3

2-nd Visit & Prevention – ideally, the insects will be dead in a single visit, but sometimes, parts of the nest survive. This is why you will have the option to request another visit by the wasp exterminator. He will also give you prevention tips.

Our wasp & bee treatment in Sydney explained clearly

The process of exterminating wasps & bees is pretty straight forward, especially for our professional exterminators who deal with such cases on the daily. The powdered insecticide applied to the wasp or bee nest will have a knock-down effect. This will allow the pro to carefully detach the nest from its location if it’s within the reach and dispose of it safely.

As part of all our wasp & bee pest control services, the exterminators give helpful advice to the property owners in order to prevent further problems with the insects. Things like sealing entry points, removing still water sources and ensuring that your bins are well closed are just some of the basics that you should know.

Bee and Wasp Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

Our wasp control and bee removal services are some of the most preferred in Sydney and other cities in Australia. We work constantly to give you additional benefits such as:

  • 24/7 customer support and reply to any query;
  • Emergency and same-day wasp treatments and bee pest control;
  • Professional grade pesticides and insecticides that are safe for you, your pets and the environment.
  • Affordable wasp pest control and bee removal services in Sydney and other areas.

Don’t hesitate to request a visit by your local exterminator of bees and wasps. He will handle the problem quickly and effectively, ensuring your safety and wellbeing.


How can I avoid wasps?

Your best chance is to remove any attracting factors from your home and yard. Wasps are usually tempted by food sources, such as open rubbish or compost bins. Strong scents will entice the wasp to examine the area for food and since they’re omnivores, barbeque parties will be a strong attractant. Open water sources also play role in luring the wasps closer to your property.

I thought bees were the good guys. Why do we need to get rid of them?

Yes, bees are a very important part of the ecosystem. But, the European bee, which is frequently found in the local areas, tend to form nests in people’s homes and backyards. In that light, the bees pose a serious danger to your health because their stings are not only painful but also life-threatening for some people. That is why it’s best to remove the beehive from your property. However, since they are beneficial insects, and depending on other factors such as the size of the nest, it might be possible for us to just move it to another location.

I'm not sure if I have bees or wasps. Can you still help?

Of course! We don’t need to know the specific insect species beforehand. Once the wasp and bee controller arrive at your property and inspect the area, he will confirm for sure the type of problem you have and will continue with the proper removal method.

Why is it not advisable to remove the nest myself?

We know that there’s plenty of information online about a DIY bee or wasp removal but we still strongly advise you to use the help of a professional technician. These insects can get aggravated pretty quickly if bothered, so the females will attempt to sting you and will not line up to do that but instead, will attack at once. This can result in a strong allergic reaction.


Mia McLaughlin

“Really fast response by the Nifty team. They send out a pest pro a couple of hours after my call. He removed the nest quickly and I had no problems afterwards. Great service!”

Lucy M.

“We had a huge beehive at the loft space so the best option was for a local beekeeper to come and pick it up. Nifty arranged and handled it all, so not only do we no longer have a problem, but the bees survived and now pollinate another area! Thank you!”

Do you have a problem with another pest?

Is another insect, rodent or pesky creature pestering you and is intruding your property? Here are some additional treatments that we perform:

Termite Control

Termite control is an elaborate process that can span through many weeks. Our quality termite treatments in Sydney and other areas halt the growth of the colony, kill off the bugs, and ensure that your property will not bear any more damage. We destroy termites once and for all.

Flea Treatment

For effective domestic flea treatment, our local exterminators will use a method that is specific to your situation. In our work, we use powerful products with immediate effect on the flea population, so you needn’t worry, but let it to Nifty’s to handle.

Cockroach Control

If you’ve seen just one roach at your property, chances are, there are hundreds more around. Request our fast and discreet cockroach control services in your area and let Nifty Pest Control handle it all. We will achieve results right from the start and the entire colony will be gone soon.

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