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Our termite control service in short

Our local termite exterminators have the know-how and the tools to save your home from termite invasion and damage. We perform quality pest control services against this notorious vermin and ensure that the infestation is contained before the structure takes any substantial damage. Save money on expensive renovations by dealing with termites quickly and effectively with Nifty Pest Control.

Step 1

Property Inspection – before we start treating against termites, it’s important to fully inspect the property, evaluate the situation, and identify the type of termites that are infesting your home. The price of the treatment will be decided upon that information.

Step 2

Termite Extermination – if you agree to the cost, your local termite exterminator will proceed with the actual treatment. We use several ways to eradicate termites and a proper method will be selected and used depending on your particular problem.

Step 3

Observation & Prevention – several visits and continuous monitoring of the infestation are needed in order to completely eradicate the termite colony. Your termite pest controller will give you prevention advice, maintenance tips and other vital information.

Our termite control in Sydney explained clearly

As a property owner, it’s important for you to know that if left unchecked, termites can cause immense damage to the structure and as a result – to cost you thousands in repair and restoration fees. Our process of termite pest control is designed to halt their activity, disrupt the colony and killing the insects. The treatment procedure for termites takes 3 to 6 visits that span across 3 to 6 months, but it all depends on how massive the problem is. Our local termite exterminators have the proper tools and products to deal with the issue quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

Termites Pest Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

Our termite control services are popular in Sydney and other areas in Australia because:

  • We have an efficient strategy of dealing with this pest;
  • We are available 7 days a week and on bank holidays with no price increases;
  • We work with local exterminators of termites who can get to work quickly;
  • We offer customized quotations that are priced on preliminary inspections.

No matter if you suspect to have termites at home or your business facility, Nifty Pest Control can dispatch a pro to inspect your property and confirm or disprove if that’s the case. Don’t wait to see the signs of termite infestation because, at that point, the damage has already been caused. Instead, get in touch today and schedule your inspection appointment.


How to know if we have termites?

Unfortunately, if you notice the sure sign of a termite infestation – tunnels in the wood – it means that some damage has already been done. However, you can prevent termite from spreading by acting quickly and calling expert termite pest controllers.

Another sign of termite infestation is the slight clicking sound that they produce. You can sometimes even hear them munching on the wood if you put your ear on it.

Why is it so bad if I try DIY termite treatments?

If you want to fight termites successfully and deal with them once and for all, it requires a long-term strategy comprised of meticulously performed steps. Not only that, but you also need to constantly observe and tweak the process according to new changes. Only professional termite exterminators possess the needed knowledge, tools, and products to achieve a complete and long-lasting termite extermination.

What can I do to prevent further problems with termites?

A huge one is having your property frequently inspected for termites – at least once a year. Apart from that, you can varnish or seal woodwork, maintain low humidity levels indoors, keep wood logs away from your house, repair any leakages and fix pipe work in a timely manner.

Can you perform the service on the weekend?

Sure thing! We also work on bank holidays and don’t charge any extra fees. Contact us now to secure a slot that is most convenient for you.


G. Stillwell

“It took some time but we are definitely very pleased with the result. We’ve had the same exterminator during the entire termite treatment process, which was very convenient. Thank you for all!”

Paige Brill

“We are happy with both the service and the staff. Always reliable, always helpful, always on time and with great results!”

Do you have a problem with another pest?

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