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Our spider extermination service in short

It’s important to act fast if you notice any spiders in your home, as these arachnids are some of the most dangerous pests you can encounter. Nifty Pest Control follows a 3-step process to control the spiders at your home or office in the most effective way. This ensures safety for you, your family, and your pets. Here is our spider control explained:

Step 1

Evaluation – the first thing your local spider exterminator needs to do is to get a good idea about how severe is the problem, as well as which type of species will he be dealing with. He will need access to your property in order to examine the situation.

Step 2

Spider Treatment – the exterminator will proceed with the spider pest control procedure which is done at the same visit as the property inspection. During the process, you need to vacate the property as the pro will be using a powerful pesticide to eradicate the vermin.

Step 3

Prevention – after the spider control, you should refrain from cleaning the treated areas for at least 4 days to allow the pesticide to use full effect. Your spider exterminator will give you valuable tips on how to maintain your home and prevent further spider problems.

Our spider pest control in Sydney explained clearly

Both the inspection of the house and the spider treatment take place on the same day. Your local spider exterminator will arrive fully-equipped with potent and quick-acting spray product and professional tools. During the procedure, you need to vacate the property and ensure that there are no pets as well, even fish. You also need to let the product do it’s magic after the treatment, for at least 4 hours, so you shouldn’t return to your home right after the spider exterminator has left.

After the spider pest control, your exterminator will teach you some preventative measures and will give you general advice on what to do next in order to avoid further problems with the vermin.

Spider Pest Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

Our spider treatments in Sydney and other areas nearby are one of the most requested. We offer several important things to all our customers:

  • Availability for same-day spider treatments ad 24/7 customer support;
  • Treatments during the weekend and bank holidays with no extra charges on top;
  • Emergency spider exterminator visits;

No matter if you need us to deal with venomous spiders such as the Black House Spider, Wolf Spider, White Tail spider, or the Hunter spider, we are available at your request.


Which spiders are poisonous to people?

The dangerous spider species in Sydney include the Black House Spider, the Brown Spider, White Tail Spider, Wolf Spider, and the Hunter spider.

There are many other spider types such as the orb-weavers, web-spinners or ground-dwellers but not all of them are dangerous. Only a specialist can recognise the harmles from the unsafe ones.

Should I do anything before the spider exterminator arrives?

Since the pro needs good access to all areas and corners of your home, it will be very helpful if you tidy it up, declutter and vacuum clean all rooms.

Pets and people shouldn’t be at the property at the time of treatment. So fish, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and such should all be taken away for the time of the treatment.

Addittionally, it will be beneficial if you allow a couple of hours of drying time for the products used during the spider treatment to settle. If you come into contact with the wet insecticide, make sure to wash your skin well.

How to know if I have spider infestation?

Spiders usually prefer places such as storerooms, garages, basements, attics and cupboards. You can look for spider webs, as the surest sign of a problem. If there are many small insects, such as fruit flies, in your home, spiders might be attracted to the indoor areas. And if you happen to notice a spider, there’s surely some more somewhere nearby.

Do you offer weekend services?

Yes, we work on weekends as well. You can also book spider pest control for any bank holiday without price increases. Emergency treatments, same-day services… you can count on us at any time!

Are the products used for spider control safe?

Yes. All products we use are completely safe for you, your family, and pets. The only requirement is that you adhere to your exterminator’s recommendations for waiting hours after the treatment and not cleaning treated areas for a few days — all in order to not diminish the protective properties of the spider extermination treatment.


Christopher Symonds

“They came and dealt with the problem right of. Really efficient and affordable!”


“The service was smooth and the pro was knowledgeable, kind, and very helpful at all times. We have no remarks and will use them again if need be”

Is your home infested with other pests?

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