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Nifty Pest Control offers a wide variety of local pest eradication services in the Sunshine Coast area and the nearby cities.

Bed Bug Control in Sunshine Coast

Bed bugs are tricky little insects. Once in your home, it becomes difficult to eradicate them forever. The hospitality sector suffers the most from problems with bed bugs as they spread quickly and most over-the-counter solutions are rubbish in the fight against this bug.

Nifty Pest Control in Sunshine Coast offers effective bed bug control services in the area. We send a local exterminator to evaluate the problem and choose the proper way of treating the insect. We remove bed bugs in all life stages – adults and eggs, and in all kinds of properties – domestic and business facilities.

Is the bed bug treatment safe for people and pets?

Yes, we use only industry-approved pesticides in our bed bug control procedures. Once the chemical is dry, it is completely safe. Should you follow your bed bug exterminator’s advice to the letter, you shouldn’t have any problems with the treatment whatsoever.

How is the bed bug control performed?

We send out a local bed bug exterminator from Sunshine Coast to evaluate the infestation and choose the most proper solution to the problem. He will have to come by several times to treat your home or commercial facility, depending on how severe the problem is. At his last visit, the pest controller will apply a residual solution to provide a lasting protection to the surfaces.

Bed Bugs Pest Control Sunshine Coast
Mouse and Rat Control in Sunshine Coast

Rat & Mouse Extermination in Sunshine Coast

Rodents are elusive and hard to notice, until it’s too late and they have spread around your property. You only notice them once the infestation is too advanced and needs professional approach.

Our local mouse and rat exterminators in Sunshine Coast will evaluate the infestation and use poisonous baits at strategic spots around the house. This will have an immediate effect on their nests. A second and maybe third visit can be required if the problem is medium to more advanced. No matter the number of visits, in the end, the rats and mice will be completely gone from your Sunshine Coast property

How can I know if I have rodents?

Most people report seeing droppings, gnawn marks and scratched areas before they see the actual mice or rats in their houses, so make sure to look for those signs first. Additionally, rats and mice are nocturnal animals, so you can stay awake for a night and check if you can hear them moving through your house or nibbling onto something.

Should I prepare for the mouse and rat control service?

If you’ve done any attempts of DIY rat control or mice removal, make sure to clean your property from any poison or traps that you have been using. Our Sunshine Coast exterminators need to have complete and safe access to your entire property in order to perform the services.

House Flea Control in Sunshine Coast

Fleas are usually brought into people’ homes through their beloved pets. If you don’t want the yo-yo effect of treating your pet and then have it infested with fleas again, it’s best to treat your home against the insect as well.

The local flea exterminators around Sunshine Coast are available to solve your problems with any insects. We use powerful products to eradicate the nasty bugs and provide lasting protection to all areas of your home. Get rid of the fleas today by calling Nifty Pest Control in Sunshine Coast!

Is your treatment safe for my pet?

Yes, the house flea pest control is completely safe for you, your family and your pets. We use only approved insecticides and pesticides that, once dry, are safe to be around and protect you from flea troubles in the future. Make sure to follow your exterminator’s guidelines on house upkeep as close as possible, and you shouldn’t have any problems with our flea extermination services.

Can I get infested with fleas from my pet?

The fleas will bite you but won’t make you their permanent host. They prefer animal blood and only bite humans if their numbers are too large or the main host is unavailable/treated against fleas.

House Flea Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Often booked pest control services in Sunshine Coast

If you are a resident of Sunshine Coast or any of the nearby areas, then you should know that Nifty Pest Control can also help you with the following pest treatments:

Termite Control

Let our local termite control professionals in Sunshine Coast free your property of termite infestation. Book us today!

Cockroach Control

We provide a result-proven cockroach control service in Sunshine Coast, offer competitive prices, and are always on time.

Spider Control

Save yourself and your house from venomous spiders with our professional spider control service in Sunshine Coast.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp stings can cause serious problems, especially if you are allergic. Our team of wasp nest removal specialists can keep you protected.

Ant Control

Get professional ant control services in Sunshine Coast that will ensure the complete removal of all ant populations in your property. Get a free quote!

Mosquito Control

Budget-friendly mosquito control services in Sunshine Coast are just a call away. Receive a free quote today!

Fly Control

Flies may seem innocent but can cause skin irritations and food contamination. Prevent this via fly control services.

Moth Control

Don’t let a moth infestation wreck your clothes, carpetings, and other fabrics and textiles. Get a professional moth control service.

Carpet Beetle Removal

We can also help you keep the carpet beetles away. Our carpet beetle removal experts can quickly remove this infestation.

End of Lease Pest Control

Make sure no bugs stay behind after you leave your rented property. We offer affordable & quality end of lease pest control.

Possum Removal

Leave all of your worries behind and let us handle your possum infestation problem for you. Book our reliable and budget-friendly possum removal service in Sunshine Coast and sit back and relax while we do the work for you.

Dead Animal Removal

Are you worried that you may have a dead animal somewhere around the house or your commercial property? Don’t wait and get in touch to receive an outstanding and safe dead animal removal service in Sunshine Coast.

Why Nifty Pest Control in Sunshine Coast?

When it comes to vermin, you need to act fast to prevent costly damage, contamination and health hazards. Nifty Pest Control offers comprehensive pest eradication in your area and the towns and cities nearby.

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Expert Approach

Trust Nifty Pest Control in Sunshine Coast to handle any vermin in your home or office space. We use proven methods of extermination that work!

Knowledgeable local exterminators in Sunshine Coast

If you look for a fast solution to your pest problems, it’s best to let local experts handle the issue. Nifty Pest Control works with pest exterminators in Sunshine Coast who have years of experience in eradicating a huge variety of vermin species from homes and commercial facilities.

Our local pest controllers are all fully equipped with quality tools and the most modern pesticides, insecticides and rodenticides which will bring quick results. You will notice an improvement from the first visit and soon, the entire pest colony will be completely removed from your property!

Pest Exterminators in Sunshine Coast

Max Cr.

“Reliable and affordable pest treatments from Nifty. We got our house fumigated against fleas and the problem was solved quickly. All communication was flawless and the price was also good. Would recommend!”

Dylan Cawker

“We had bed bugs in the airbnb we own and Nifty Pest Control managed the issue flawlessly. The bugs were gone in just two visits and we’ve hadn’t hear any complaints since then”


Do you offer your services to large business facilities as well?

Sure thing! Just contact us to discuss all details regarding the treatment or prevention plan that you want, and we will do our very best to solve your problem.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes, we do pest control services on the weekends and bank holidays with no extra charges.

How is the cost of pest control formed?

We charge per treatment as opposed to per hour. We will stay and do our job as needed because we are not limited by time. The final price of pest control depends on the number of visits done by the pest exterminator.

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