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Bed bug control in Seven Hills

Despite the fact that bed bugs seem like pests that purely attack your mattress and bedroom, they are able to, in fact, spread throughout any part of the living area. Bed bug infestations start by one bed bug entering your home via luggage, clothing, second hand furniture, and more. They nurture off your blood and have the ability to develop fully in less than a month.

Our expert bed bug control services will save you from these irritating and threatening pests by entirely killing them. We’ll search every section of your house to discover their concealed colonies and eliminate them completely, not leaving a single one behind.

Why get expert bed bug treatment

Among the initial instinct reactions of people struggling with bed bug infestations is to attempt eliminating these nuances by themselves. You can try rubbing alcohol or other DIY options but one thing is for sure – they are one of the most persistent pests ever. Nifty’s technicians operate with professional pest control procedures and products that entirely eliminate the colonies from your house. The process is quick, tested, and harmless for your family members and pets.

Bed Bugs Control in Melbourne
Mouse and Rat Control in Melbourne

Mice & rat elimination in Seven Hills

Mice and rats are always looking for food and shelter and commonly spot the ideal living environment in someone’s home. They’re very intelligent about traveling in the house and may even uncover hidden passages behind your walls and beneath your floors, where you surely won’t be able to catch them. Not all mice and rats are biters and sometimes they don’t pose a considerable threat but they may ruin your food by infecting it with viruses and germs, which could be a danger for your health.

Our experienced mice and rat technicians operate with sophisticated removal solutions and expert products and instruments that promise a 100% satisfactory result. Enjoy a living space with no mice and rats once again!

Why professional mouse and rat control is important

These tiny furry creatures are able to trigger serious damage and stress to your living space and your family members. They enjoy chewing on things and might wreck your cables or even end up being a fire threat in a variety of situations. Given that they often hide in places that humans cannot reach, it’s vital to resolve a mouse or rat infestation with professional support and technology.

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Wasp & bee removal in Seven Hills

If you’ve ever experienced a bee or wasp sting you are likely to share our opinion that going anywhere near them is not a good idea. They may attack you by surprise and trigger dangerous allergic reactions if you’re more sensitive to their stings. If you fail to visit a doctor quickly, such cases might even end in death.

Protect your property and your loved ones from the risk bees and wasps pose when creating a home environment near your property. They can create their nests just above your front door, on your window, or in the garden. Our bee and wasp specialists know just how they act and have all the necessary expertise and tools to safely get rid of their nests and eliminate them for good.

What’s included in the service?

Nifty’s experts will arrive at your location at the agreed time and extensively check the property to determine if the visible problem is the only one that calls for handling. Geared with protective equipment, they’ll dispose of the uncovered nests and spray with professional products to make sure that the bees don’t return. At last, you will be offered cost-free guidance on how to avoid this problem from happening again in the future.

Bees and Wasps Control in Melbourne

That’s not all that we can offer you

Termite Control

Nifty’s professionals can completely and instantly free your property of your termite infestation by making use of our experience and top-grade technology.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are not only optically unsightly but are hosts to a wide set of harmful bacteria and germs. Eliminate this menace by calling our experts.

Spider Control

There are so many different spiders in Australia and part of them are venomous and of risk to your life. Nifty Pest Control can protect you and your family!

Wasp Nest Removal

Rather than wasting time and endangering your wellbeing by trying to get rid of bee and wasp nests from your home, let Nifty’s experts take care of it.

Ant Control

Take back the control over home and protect your family members and pets from diseases and irritation with Nifty’s ant control.

Mosquito Control

Do not let the mosquitoes bite and leave itchy and irritating marks behind. Get expert help today!

Fly Control

Flies may be a true nuance and even if they don’t appear as threatening can spoil your food! We have the answer.

Moth Control

Take advantage of top-notch and budget-friendly moth control solutions near you with Nifty’s moth control technicians.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Carpet beetles won’t just affect your carpets but your whole house! Solve the issue early on with professional carpet beetle control.

End of Lease Pest Control

Leave a sanitised and pest-free rented property behind and avoid disputes with your landlord with our reliable services.

Pest control services that pests don’t stand a chance against

Pests and insects can break into your living space at any season.
Irrespective of the climate of the season, they will invariably source something intriguing in your house and explore every avenue to make this space their own living space. Considering their size, it might be challenging and maybe even impossible for you to see them. And would you be able to solve a problem that you don’t even know you have?

Nifty’s pest control technicians will examine your home for any noticeable signals that you are tackling a pest infestation. We offer personalised protection supported by research and facts to fully rid you of these nuances.

All of our services are:


We have created our pricing structure keeping in mind our main objective – to keep our solutions accessible for anyone.


The Nifty specialists will always arrive at the arranged appointment and be ready to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.


Our clients appreciate us which is the best sign that we’re doing our job correctly and fulfilling every necessity.

All the knowledge and skills needed for successful pest control

Selecting the appropriate specialists to defend your house against pests is a tough choice to make. There are so many points to consider. Are they licensed? Do they have enough practical experience? Are they affordable? Will they actually be able to solve your problem? Are the pesticides that they work with safe?

Doing business with clients for years has helped us to understand your questions and create a solution that will cater for them during the whole process. We provide rates that won’t break your bank account, the products and techniques that we work with have been tested and cautiously picked, and all of our professionals in Seven Hills are certified and skilled for the job.

Pest Exterminators in Melbourne

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