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Is your home or business infested with mice, rats, bed bugs, fleas, termites or other vermin? Nifty Pest Control in Perth can solve your problem.

Bed Bug Control in Perth

Our bed bug exterminators in Perth perform quality treatments of all infested areas, no matter if the property is domestic or a business.

We destroy bed bugs in all their life stages in a few visits by your local bed bug exterminator. We use powerful insecticides that knock down the adult population and on the next visit, we destroy the bed bug eggs as well. We also spray a residual solution on all infected areas in order to provide long-lasting protection against this vermin.

Our bed bug pest controllers in Perth have years of experience and all the needed products and tools to handle your bed bug problem.

How long until the bed bugs are gone?

Every situation is different. Generally speaking, it all depends on how advanced the bed bug infestation is and how well you adhere to the property upkeep tips given to you by your exterminator.

Is the bed bug treatment safe?

Yes. We use industry-approved pesticides that provide residual protection. All you need to do after the treatment is to wait a couple of hours before returning to the property to allow the product to dry off completely and vent the rooms well. Also, make sure to follow any additional advice that your pest pro has given you.

Should I do anything before the treatment?

Remove the bedding and wash it on the highest possible temperature and leave your mattress as is. It will be best if you declutter, vacuum and clean all areas that will be treated and dispose of the vacuum bag in an outdoor rubbish bin. Remove pets from the property and leave for the duration of the treatment and at least 4 hours after.

Bed Bug Control in Perth
Mice and Rat Control in Perth

Mice & Rat Eradication in Perth

Mice & rats are one of the most pervasive evaders of homes and businesses. They not only cause damage to the structure of your home but also pose a health risk by contaminating the areas they come into contact with.

Our local rat exterminators in Perth have the skills and the tools to handle a full-blown rat or mouse infestation. We use poison stations to sharply reduce their population.

To effectively eradicate all mice or rats from the property, your mouse exterminator will have to visit you a couple of times to change the bait and dispose of any dead rodents.

How do I know if I have a rodent problem?

Since they are nocturnal animals, you may not see them until the infestation is quite developed. However, you may notice strange noises, gnaw or scratch marks, droppings and even urine puddles. Mice and rats will gravitate towards rooms that have food, shelter or provide water, so the kitchen, the attic, and the basement are the most common hiding grounds.

How long does the mice and rat control lasts?

It all depends on your particular situation. Things such as the infestation progression, hygiene levels, adherence to advice by your exterminator, interior or exterior week points in your building can all influence how quick or fast the pest is eradicated.

House Flea Treatment in Perth

Fleas usually get introduced to your home by your pet or other vermin such as rats and mice. This pose an unexpected complication – if you get your pet treated against fleas and bring it back to an infested house, then the animal will get infected again, and vice-versa.

Effective flea control for your home should be scheduled with a local flea exterminator, such as the ones Nifty works with. We are available for emergency treatments, same-day services and don’t overcharge for flea removal on bank holidays or weekends.

Our flea pest control in Perth is performed with powerful products that have lasting protective qualities for your property. However, you should adhere to all guidelines received by the pro, or else you risk the treatment to no reach its full potential.

How is the house flea treatment performed?

We follow a three-step, proven methodology of flea eradication:

  • We confirm if you indeed have a flea problem and identify the areas they infest;
  • We perform an initial treatment with a knock-down effect on the flea population;
  • At the second visit, we apply a residual solution to protect your home and also give you valuable tips how to avoid fleas in the future.
What else do I need to know about the flea pest control you offer in Perth?

There is some preparation that you need to do before your local flea exterminator arrives:
– Vacuum, clean and declutter all rooms where you suspect there are fleas. Once the flea treatment is over, you will be advised not to clean treated areas for at least 3 weeks – this will ensure that the products we apply will work at the fullest.
– Empty the property of any types of pets, even fish, and leave it empty of human presence during the treatment and 4 hours after that to allow the insecticide we use to completely dry and become safe. When you return to your home, make sure to ventilate all rooms well.

House Flea Control in Perth

Other frequently requested pest removal services in Perth

There are other vermin that can plague your property in Perth, be it your home or your business facility. Here are some of our other pest control services in Perth

Termite Control

Get effective termite treatment with Nifty Pest Control’s professional and affordable termite removal service.

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach exterminators in Perth will use poisonous bait stations that will eliminate the entire cockroach population.

Spider Control

Book a local spider exterminator from Perth for quick eradication of the vermin from your property.

Wasp Nest Removal

Our local wasp control exterminators are available every day of the week to rid you of dangerous wasp and bee nests.

Ant Control

Enjoy a completely ant-free home by booking Nifty”s professional ant control services near you.

Mosquito Control

Our experts can help you fully eliminate mosquito infestations at affordable prices. Book us today!

Fly Control

Say goodbye to these nuances and keep yourself protected via our reliable fly control service.

Moth Control

Save your clothes and other fabrics by eliminating your moth infestation with our professional moth removal.

Carpet Beetle Removal

We can help you with professional carpet beetle removal. Get a free quote and book online today.

End of Lease Pest Control

Leave your property in perfect condition and completely pest-free with our end of lease control service.

Why choose Nifty Pest Control in Perth?

As a local pest control company in Perth, we work with exterminators who are quick to reach your property and provide you with reliable and effective pest control services for your home or office. Local residents prefer our pest services because:

Online Bookings

It’s super easy to schedule an appointment with a local exterminator in Perth and have them at your property at the requested date and time.

Non-obligatory Quotes

Our prices are transparent, the pest control is affordable for any household. We give quotes that don’t bind you with a contract, so you can request a price at any time.

Expert Approach

We have developed methods of pest control that have been proven in time. We work with experienced exterminators from Perth who know their stuff and are well-equipped to handle any vermin.

Experienced pest control exterminators in Perth

We strive to work with local exterminators near you, meaning, that we have pest controllers in Perth who can handle any vermin issue. This allows us to provide quick, same-day services and emergency pest treatments for Perth residents with no increase in the price. Moreover, the nature of the job requires a quick reaction to prevent the pest problem of spreading, as then, it becomes more difficult and expensive to handle.

So, don’t postpone and call Nifty Pest Control in Perth to exterminate the vermin as soon as possible!

Pest Exterminator in Perth

Gemma Allport

“Really helpful and efficient. We got their rat treatment done at our airbnb apartment and they managed the problem quickly. The price was also affordable, so we’re very happy with all!”

Jade Goldfinch

“Have no complaints whatsoever. Everything was smooth and they removed the bed bugs entirely from my house in Perth. A+ service!”


Can I schedule pest control for the weekend?

Yes. You can also book our services for bank holidays at no extra charge!

I just noticed a bed bug and want an exterminator ASAP! Can you send somebody?

Just give us a call to tell us more about the issue and we will send out a local bed bug exterminator in Perth to handle the issue.

Are your treatments safe for children and pets?

Yes, our treatments are completely safe! However, to ensure that the products we use will work at their full potential and will protect your home from pests, we advise that you follow your exterminator’s advice on maintenance to the letter.

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