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Have you seen any signs of pest presence? Nifty Pest Control can send a local exterminator to evaluate and treat the problem.

Bed Bug Control in Melbourne

If you notice any of the usual signs of bed bugs – bites on your skin, brown or black dots on your bedding and the occasional bug, contact Nifty Pest Control at once. We provide powerful bed bug treatments in Melbourne and the nearby areas. After a few visits by the local pro, your home will be bedbug-free and safe to inhabit once again.

Trust the local bed bug exterminators to locate the infestation and apply the proper treatment with regards to your specific situation. The pest control procedure against bed bugs is completely safe and will secure that your home will be protected from insects for a long time!

How do you perform the bed bug control?

We send out a local exterminator to evaluate your property and treat the infested areas with an initial product that will knock off the majority of the adult bugs.

During the second visit, the pro will apply a different product that is designed to finish off the bed bug colony and provide residual protection. If you have a more severe bed bug issue, an additional visit may be required.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, our bed bug pest control is safe if you follow your exterminator’s advice. You need to allow at least 4 hours of drying time after the treatment and vent all rooms very well, once you return to your Melbourne property.

Bed Bugs Control in Melbourne
Mouse and Rat Control in Melbourne

Mice & Rat Extermination in Melbourne

Rats and mice are some of the most pervasive pest species on the planet. They inevitably follow civilization and humanity wherever we go. Dealing with these rodents is not advisable if you’re not a professional because you can bring more harm than good. Instead, call a local rat exterminator in Melbourne and trust us to handle your problem with care and meticulousness.

All local exterminators are well equipped to get rid of both mice and rats. We do so effectively, by using bait stations, which we place at strategic spots around your property. The bait must be changed at least once, so expect your exterminator to return for additional treatment. If the infestation is too advanced, a third visit might be needed.

Do I need to prepare for the service?

If you’ve attempted to do any rodent control on your own, please kindly remove all traps, poisons and other tools you’ve used. The rat pest controller will need full and unobstructed access to your home.

How to avoid rats and mice in the future?

When your local exterminator arrives, he will inspect your property and point to any weaknesses in the construction that can be fixed in order to prevent further problems with vermin. Additionally, he will give you specialized advice on how to avoid rats and mice.

Wasp & Bee Removal in Melbourne

A single sting from a wasp is enough to unlock an allergic reaction in somebody susceptible to that. We won’t even mention how painful a sting can be and the skin can get sore for days. Avoid dealing with wasp nests and beehives on your own and trust Nifty Pest Control in Melbourne.

We provide effortless bee and wasp nest removal services in your area. Our local exterminator will arrive fully-equipped to deal with the nest in the safest way possible, ensuring your health and wellbeing. He will spray the nest, remove it, if withing his reach and dispose of it safely.

I can DIY the wasp removal, why should I hire you?

Wasps are quite aggressive by nature and won’t shy to protect their nest if they feel threatened by you. To avoid the tens and hundreds of aggravated wasps from stinging you at once, it’s best to leave the task of wasp nest removal to a fully-equipped technician who has the proper experience and can detatch the nest safely.

Why should I get rid of bees too?

Althoug a beneficial species, bees have no place in a person’s home or yard, the nest must be moved from your property. We can do that safely for you.

Bees and Wasps Control in Melbourne
Possum Removal

Possum Removal in Melbourne

Dealing with a possum infestation alone is no easy task. Possums have a very specific behaviour and it takes a trained professional to safely remove them from your property without causing them any pain or killing them. At Nifty Pest Control Services we work with some of the most skilled pest removal experts in Melbourne and invest in some of the most innovative and advanced industry-grade equipment. You can rely on us to securely remove the rodents from your house or office without causing any damage to them, your property, or the environment. Book our specialists for an affordable and reliable possum removal service in Melbourne.

How to keep possums away

Some of the things you can do are make sure fruits and other foods are safely stored, regularly throw out garbage and wash garbage cans, make sure your pets are fed indoors, and keep good hygiene at home and in the garden.

Is it illegal to kill possums in Australia?

Yes, it is illegal to kill possums in Australia as they are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. It’s illegal to kill them or catch and release them without a license.

Dead Animal Removal in Melbourne

Dealing with dead animals in your home could be quite disturbing. When you have a pest infestation on your property, chances are that the pests will try to remain hidden meaning that their death may remain a secret for a while. However, as the body starts to decompose, it emits terrible smells and attracts different bacteria, microorganisms, and parasites that feed off it, leading to a highly infectious and dangerous environment. Our trained experts are here to help by offering a safe and reliable dead animal removal service in Melbourne.

Why shouldn't I remove dead animals alone

Handling dead animals requires expertise and advanced protective equipment. If the dead animal comes into contact with human skin, it could cause extremely dangerous infections that could even be deadly if unattained. Don’t take any risks and let our professional dead animal removal experts handle the job for you.

Bees and Wasps Control in Melbourne

Other often requested pest control treatments

Do you have another problem with vermin? We specialize in the professional removal of a wide variety of pest species. Some of the frequently requested services in Melbourne include:

Termite Control

Get efficient termite treatment with Nifty Pest Control’s specialised and cost-efficient termite removal service.

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach exterminators in Melbourne will use poisonous bait stations that will defeat the entire cockroach population.

Spider Control

Nifty’s pest control technicians can also offer specialised spider control services in Melbourne.

Wasp Nest Removal

Book our wasp and bee nest removal team in Brisbane and witness impeccable results.

Ant Control

Take over your home and win the battle against the nat infestation by booking our ant control professionals in Melbourne.

Mosquito Control

Let our mosquito control experts completely remove any mosquitoes from your home.

Fly Control

Say goodbye to these nuances and keep yourself protected via our reliable fly control service.

Moth Control

Save your clothes and other fabrics by eliminating your moth infestation with our professional moth removal.

Carpet Beetle Removal

We can help you with professional carpet beetle removal. Get a free quote and book online today.

End of Lease Pest Control

Leave your property in perfect condition and completely pest-free with our end of lease control service.

Why choose Nifty Pest Control in Melbourne?

Choosing a local provider of pest control services in Melbourne is the common thing to do if your property is infested. A quick reaction is crucial when it comes to vermin and their mating. That’s why Nifty Pest Control partners with local exterminators to provide a quick response and a fast resolution of any vermin issue.

Online Bookings

Use our contact form to request any pest treatment in the company’s portfolio of pest services. We will contact you shortly after to give you an appointment.

Non-obligatory Quotes

Request a free and non-obligatory service quote at any time. Enjoy our transparent pricing and the affordable pest control available for every household.

Expert Approach

We strive to stay on top of industry developments and utilize the newest advancements in our pest control solutions. All exterminators have the proper know-how to handle multiple vermin.

Reliable exterminators in Melbourne and near your area

When your home or business is infested, you want a quick resolution to the vermin problem. Nifty Pest Control is available for same-day appointments and emergency pest control services. We work with local exterminators who can arrive at your doorstep quickly and attend to the issue in an effective manner.

All exterminators are fully-equipped and knowledgeable of a wide variety of pest species and different control techniques. We will devise a pest control plan that will fit both your budget and needs.

Pest Exterminators in Melbourne

Joseph Fawkner

“Speedy response by Nifty and a great mice control service! They send a pro for the same day who did a good job and found their hiding ground quickly. Mice were gone in three visits and we haven’t seen any so far, so we’re happy with it all!”


“My SO is allergic to wasps so we had to get a wasp exterminator asap. Luckily, Nifty had an available pest controller whom they sent right off to our house. He quickly dealt with the nest and we didn’t even notice a thing!”


Are your pest control services safe for pets?

Yes. We use professional-grade pesticides and insecticides that are approved by the regulatory organisations. Additionally, we strive to place poisonous baits only in unreachable spots. If you follow the advice given by your exterminator, everything with the treatment will go smoothly.

Do you have a surcharge for holiday appointments?

No. All weekend and bank holiday treatments are free of extra charges, so you won’t see an increase in price.

Do you charge per service or per hour?

We price our pest control per service.

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