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Nifty Pest Control works with local exterminators in Gold Coast to eradicate a variety of pest species.
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Get rid of all vermin with our pest control services

Is your home or office plagued by vermin? Nifty Pest Control offers reliable pest control services in the local areas and the cities nearby.

Bed Bug Control in Gold Coast

Remove bed bugs quickly and effectively from your property with the help of Nifty Pest Control in Gold Coast. We dispatch local exterminators to check your house, evaluate the size of the bed bug infestation and apply a proper treatment.

Since bed bugs have different life stages, a couple of visits will be needed to completely solve the issue. However, at the last visit, your bed bug exterminator will apply a residual product to provide a lasting layer of protection on all surfaces. Our bed bug treatment is completely safe, as long as you follow the guidance given by the pest controller.

How many treatments are required to get rid of the bed bug infestation?

It really depends on the case. For smaller infestations, two visits by the bed bug exterminator are completely sufficient to destroy the bugs entirely. However, if you have a larger issue with the vermin, more visits and treatments will be required to provide you with a quality result that lasts.

Do I need to prepare for the bed bug treatment?

Yes, you should do the following:
– remove all bedding and textile in the infested room and lauder it at the highest degrees possible; leave the bed empty;
– declutter under your bed while ensuring not to move any items from the infested room to other areas of the house, so as not to spread the infestation;
– vacuum the room thoroughly to remove any crawling bed bugs and dispose of the vacuum bag at an outdoor rubbish bin;
– follow all advice given by your exterminator to the letter in order to ensure effective treatment of the bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Control in Gold Coast
Mouse and Rat Control in Gold Coast

Mice & Rat Pest Control in Gold Coast

Rats and mice can pose a huge danger to both your health and the safety of your house if you leave an infestation unattended. They will not only contaminate the areas they come in contact with, but will also gnaw on cables, chew on pipework and insulation, and destroy the very foundation of the building.

Quickly handle a rat or mice problem by calling a rodent exterminator in Gold Coast. Nifty Pest Control offers comprehensive solutions for any rodent infestation – big or small. Our treatments give quick results and are easy on your bank account.

What are the signs of a rat and mouse infestation?

You may notice droppings under the sink or fridge, or in the cupboards, urine puddles, gnaw and scratch markings, and nest material. Generally speaking, the rodents will stay out of sight and you will not notice any unless the infestation is more advanced and they need to start searching for food during the day.

Is your rodent control service safe for my pets?

Provided that you follow the exterminator’s advice, our treatments are completely safe for you, your family and your pets.

Termites Removal Services

Termites can cause property damage that can result in hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair. To avoid such costly consequences, make sure to use the help of a local pest controller to check your property regularly and get rid of the termites as soon as there are any suspicions of their presence.

At Nifty Pest Control, we have developed a detailed termite extermination procedure that achieves remarkable results in a few weeks. Our termite exterminators work with the latest products approved for wider use by the industry in order to get a quick and effective result on the termite population.

What are the signs of termite infestation?

Usually, homeowners don’t notice any signs of termite presence until the damage to timber has been done. Only an experienced pest technician can evaluate the wood and the property conditions in order to gauge the chance of an infestation. If you suspect any termite problems, make sure to contact Nifty Pest Control in Gold Coast and book an evaluation with us.

Why is it not advised to DIY termite treatments?

In order to effectively eradicate the termites, your pest technician will use well-timed termite treatment measures in a methodical manner. Any action that doesn’t fall into a professional treatment plan may alarm the termite population and cause them to transfer to other parts of your house, effectively spreading the damage. That is why we do not advise for you to attempt any termite control on your own.

Termites Pest Control in Gold Coast

Other pest control treatments available in Gold Coast

Don’t hesitate to contact Nifty Pest Control for reliable pest treatment in Gold Coast or another nearby area. We also perform:

Termite Control

We can provide top-notch termite control services in Gold Coast that will leave your house 100 pest-free.

Cockroach Control

Nifty’s Gold Coast team also specialises in cockroach control services that you can fully rely on.

Spider Control

We will protect you from venomous and dangerous spiders with professional spider removing.

Wasp Nest Removal

Your property can be completely wasp nest-free and protected against wasps and bees. Call us today!

Ant Control

We can handle difficult to remove and persistent pests like ants with advanced and new-age pest removal methods.

Mosquito Control

Affordable mosquito control services in Gold Coast are just a click away. Book our professionals online.

Fly Control

Our dedicated fly control professionals will eliminate every fly in your property and will keep your family protected.

Moth Control

Are you tired of seeing your clothes ruined by moths? Nifty’s moth control experts in Gold Coast can offer a solution.

End of Lease Pest Control

Benefit from exceptional end of lease pest control services in Gold Coast. We use advanced extermination methods.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Stay protected against carpet beetle infestations via our expert carpet beetle removal service in Gold Coast.

Dead Animal Removal

Our team of experts can safely dispose of any carcasses on your property, no matter how big or small. We offer same day and emergency dead animal removal services in Gold Coast at affordable prices.

Possum Removal

Looking for a certified possum removal company in Gold Coast? We’re available to help with the safe elimination of possums from your house or working space and provide same day or emergency services.

Why Nifty Pest Control in Gold Coast?

It’s always a good idea to book local pest exterminators from Gold Coast who can arrive and treat your pest issue as soon as possible. Nifty Pest Control is a provider of such services in the areas near you.

Online Bookings

Request a quote or book directly any pest treatment via our simple booking form. Once we get your details, we will give you a call and arrange your pest control service.

Non-obligatory Quotes

We don’t lock you in with a quote or a contract – all quotes are given for FREE. Our prices for pest control are affordable enough for any household.

Expert Approach

All local exterminators in Gold Coast are well trained, fully-equipped and able to handle a wide range of pests in your house or commercial facility.

Trusted exterminators in Gold Coast and the nearby areas

When in need of pest treatment, it’s important that you don’t postpone it and deal with the problem as soon as you notice any signs of pest presence. Once the infestation develops, it gets much harder and costly to eradicate and remove the pest completely from your property.

Count on the local exterminators in Gold Coast by Nifty Pest Control. We have the know-how, the experience and expertise, and all the proper tools to get your pest problem solved in no time!

Pest Exterminators in Gold Coast

Ryan Dechaineux

“We were happy with the services provided by Nifty Pest Control. Our small business in Gold Coast suffered immensely with cockroaches which we didn’t manage to remove ourselves. Nifty came around and solved the roach problem.”


“Another year, another wasp nest successfully removed by Nifty. Thank you for all you do!”


I'm in need of an emergency pest control. Can I book with Nifty?

Sure thing! We are available for short-notice pest control services and have same-day slots available. Give us a call and we will send an exterminator your way.

Do you provide services on the weekend?

Yes, we do. We can also perform the pest treatment on a bank holiday with no extra fees for you. Book your pest control appointment at the most convenient days and times for you.

Are your treatments safe?

Yes. All you need to do is to comply with any advice given by your exterminator and everything with the service will be fine.

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