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Nifty Pest Control provides local pest exterminator services in the Geelong area.
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Free your home or office from vermin presence

Nifty Pest Control will send a local professional exterminator to handle your pest issue and ensure that your property is vermin-free.

Bed Bug Control in Geelong

When in need of qualified help and experienced extermination services against bed bugs, call Nifty Pest Control in Geelong. We offer high-standard bed bug treatments that manage to eradicate the insect in all life stages – adults and eggs alike.

We send a local bed bug exterminator for a property evaluation. He will assess the infestation and proceed with the proper treatment, depending on your particular problem. After a few visits, bed bugs will be no more!

Is the bed bug treatment safe?

You need to allow at least 4 hours of drying time after the treatment in order to let the product settle down. Vent the rooms well and everything else will be fine, as our treatments are completely safe once dry.

How is the service performed?

We start with inspecting the areas for bed bug clusters and mark rooms for treatment. Then, we naturally proceed with the actual bed bug control. The treatment takes action immediately but in order to completely get rid of the infestation, additional visits might be required. This is due to the life cycle of the bug and your exterminator will let you now what your specific case is.

Bed Bugs Control in Geelong
Mouse and Rat Control in Geelong

Mice & Rat Pest Control in Geelong

Mice and rats are different rodent species and each requires a specific strategy of eradication. Should you have any suspicions of rat or mouse infestation, don’t hesitate to contact our local exterminators who will check your property and confirm if you have any of those two vermin.

For our rat or mice control, we use special poisonous baits that we place at specific spots around your home. We strive to place the baits at hard to reach spots that will attract the rodent’s attention. We will have to come around a couple of times to change the poison, as rats and mice quickly form an aversion to anything that is harmful to them.

How to prepare for the rat or mice control service?

Kindly remove any DIY pest control solutions, if you’ve attempted to rid of the rodents on your own. If you haven’t, then decluttering your home and a general clean will suffice.

How do I know that I have a rodent problem?

Since rats and mice both prefer to roam people’s homes at nighttime, it’s possible that you won’t even notice them running about your house. Fortunately, you can’t have a rat and mouse problem at once, as rats prey on mice. You should check your home for frequent infestation tell-tale signs such as rodent droppings, urine puddles, nest material scattered about at your basement or in hidden areas of your home, nibbled on wood, scratches on various surfaces and more.

Cockroach Extermination in Geelong

They say that the cockroach will outlive us all. At times, that seems to be the case as roaches are super difficult to get rid of once you have them. Luckily, Nifty Pest Control in Geelong offers reliable and effective cockroach control services for the residents of the city and the nearby areas.

Our roach treatment is designed to have an immediate effect on the insect’s population. Moreover, our cockroach pest control has a domino effect on them. Once a roach gets infected and dies, other roaches will consume it and will die of the poison as well. This makes our roach control highly-effective, especially for business properties such as restaurants.

How does the roach treatment work?

The cockroach exterminator will examine your Geelong property and mark some spots for a gel application – he will place the poisonous gel at these areas of high roach traffic. As we explained, once the roach gets poisoned, it will poison many more roaches in turn, thus exterminating their entire colony eventually.

How should I prepare for the cockroach control?

It will be great if you could clean all areas well before the technician’s arrival. Maintain great hygiene levels after and don’t leave food sitting around your home.

Cockroach Control in Geelong
Possum Removal

Possum Removal in Geelong

Looking for professional possum removal services in Geelong? Your search has come to an end. You can take advantage of our budget-friendly and innovative possum removal solution for your residential or commercial space. As trained and certified professionals in the safe disposal of possums, we offer same day and emergency bookings, inexpensive rates, and a service performed to the highest standards. We’ll help you detect the problem and we’ll harmlessly eliminate possums from your property, causing no harm to them or the environment. We’ll also help you prevent a future infestation by sharing professional tips and guidance.

What to do if you see a possum in your home or work environment

Killing or catching possums is illegal in Australia. This is why we advise all of our clients to call a professional and certified possum removal specialist if they spot a possum on their property.

I've found a dead possum in my backyard. What should I do?

If you detect a dead possum in your backyard, we advise calling a professional team of possum removal experts in Geelong. We are equipped and prepared with everything necessary to securely dispose of the body and clean up the area afterwards, ensuring all bacteria and diseases are gone for good.

Dead Animal Removal in Geelong

Dead animals on your property are immensely threatening and dangerous. If they come in contact with humans or pets they can transmit deadly diseases, infections, and viruses. Furthermore, they emit horrendous smells and dramatically contaminate the area in which they are located. To avoid all threats and negative consequences, don’t waste any time and book our advanced dead animal removal service in Geelong. We’re available full time to help restore the hygiene in your property by eliminating all carcasses and safely disposing of them. Enjoy competitive prices, a skilled and trained team of specialists, and prompt services.

Why shouldn't I remove dead animals alone?

Any contact with dead animals could be extremely dangerous for your health and wellbeing. This is why it’s vital to let an experienced professional handle the job. Our experts are fully equipped and trained to handle the removal of any type and size of animal from your premises.

Bees and Wasps Control in Melbourne

Other pest extermination services in Geelong

Have another vermin issue? Worry not as Nifty Pest Control specializes in detection and removal of a great variety of pest species. Take advantage of our other pest treatments, such as:

Termite Control

Keep your house protected against termites with our professional termite control service in Geelong.

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach removal in Geelong will use result-proven methods that will eliminate the entire cockroach population.

Spider Control

Book a licensed spider exterminator in Geelong for reliable removal of the spiders from your property.

Wasp Nest Removal

Our local wasp control exterminators are available every day of the week to rid you of dangerous wasp and bee nests.

Ant Control

Ants may not be recognised as the most threatening pests but can steal and contaminate your food and carry bacteria. Book our expert ant control service.

Mosquito Control

Stay protected against mosquito infestations and the spread of diseases with professional mosquito control.

Fly Control

Say goodbye to the irritating flies at home and keep yourself protected via our reliable fly control service in Geelong.

Moth Control

Protect your clothes and other fabrics from moths by eliminating your moth infestation with our professional moth removal.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Carpets are not the only part of your home that carpet beetles can damage. Call our carpet beetle removal experts for help.

End of Lease Pest Control

Get your full deposit back after your tenancy agreement expires by booking a professional end of lease pest control service.

Why choose Nifty Pest Control in Geelong?

When dealing with pests, it’s important to act fast and not let the infestation spread around your property. If the latter happens, you risk expensive damage to your home, your health and a harder problem to deal with – an increased vermin population. Nifty Pest Control offers to get rid of the pest issue for you.

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Expert Approach

Trust the Nifty exterminator to rid you of the vermin, no matter the type and size of infestation. We have the tools and know-how to complete a variety of eradication jobs.

Professional pest exterminators in Geelong

Working with a local pest controller in Geelong ensures that you’ll see your problem resolved as quickly as possible. We are available for same-day pest treatments and emergency pest control, so rely on us in times of need.

All Geelong exterminators are well-trained, fully-equipped and follow the latest standards of industry development to ensure the most effective and inexpensive pest control.

Pest Exterminators Geelong

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How is the price of pest control formed?

We charge our services per treatment and not per hour. The final price of pest control depends on the number of visits to your home.

Do you perform services on the weekend?

Yes. We also provide pest control on bank holidays with no extra charge!

Do you offer emergency pest control?

Yes, we have same-day availability and provide emergency pest treatments, should you need a quick response by a local pest exterminator.

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