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Nifty Pest Control eradicates a wide range of vermin species at your home or office.
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Get rid of the pests with our professional services in Brisbane

No matter the type of vermin, Nifty Pest Control in Brisbane is here to help you rid of the problem.

Bed Bug Control in Brisbane

Quality bed bug control requires thorough property inspection and the usage of advanced products. Nifty Pest Control can help you rid of the bed bug problem once and for all. We use professional-grade pesticides and insecticides that kill off the bugs and provide lasting protection for your home.

Don’t let the bed bugs spread as they get harder and more expensive to destroy. Call for a local bed bug exterminator and let us deal with the problem.

How many treatments are needed to eradicate the bed bugs for good?

It all depends on your specific case, but generally speaking, two-three visits by your bed bug exterminator must do the job.

Is the bed bug control safe?

Yes. We use only industry-approved products and give you very specific instructions on how to proceed once you return to your Brisbane property after it has been treated. As long as you follow out directions, everything must be fine.

Bed Bugs Control in Brisbane
Mouse and Rat Control in Brisbane

Mice & Rat Extermination in Brisbane

Since mice and rats are quick to spread, a quicker response is required in order to prevent them from contaminating and damaging your home. Nifty Pest Control offers comprehensive solutions against all types of rodents.

Book a local mouse or rat exterminator and let us handle the infestation. We will inspect the property, place poisonous baits and give you tips on how to prevent the rodents from occurring again.

How to know if I have mice or rats?

Generally, you probably won’t see them in your home unless the infestation is too advanced. Rats and mice usually do not infest the same property at the same time, because rats prey on mice. However, you can check for gnawn and scratch markings, rodent droppings and burrows around your house.

How to prepare for the mouse and rat control?

If you’ve attempted any DIY treatments against mice or rats, please, kindly remove all traps and poisons from your property to allow the exterminator to have full and harmless access to all areas of your home.

House Flea Treatment in Brisbane

Nifty Pest Control performs reliable flea control in Brisbane and the areas nearby. Our local exterminators can arrive for same-day treatment, should you request it, and eradicate the vermin in one or two visits.

We advise that you coordinate the visit to the vet with the flea control for your home. This way, you will ensure that the fleas are exterminated and the infestation will not reoccur.

Should I prepare for the flea pest control?

Yes, you should vacuum, declutter and clean your entire home, because, after the treatment, you won’t be able to for at least 3 weeks.
During the treatment, the property must be empty of human and pet presence, and even fish must be taken away.

Are the insecticides safe for my pet?

Yes, we use only safe products for our house flea treatments in Brisbane. However, you need to allow the product to settle for a couple of hours after the treatment.

House Flea Pest Control in Brisbane

Frequently requested pest removal services in Brisbane

Got another vermin problem? Worry not. Nifty Pest Control specializes in effective detection and removal of many pest species. We also perform:

Termite Control

Allow our local termite control specialists in Brisbane to free your property of termite infestation. Book us today!

Cockroach Control

We offer one of the most trusted cockroach control services in Brisbane, have competitive prices, and always come prepared.

Spider Control

Spiders are both unsightly and hazardous, especially when venomous. Keep your loved ones safe with our professional services.

Wasp Nest Removal

Trying to handle wasp and bee nests can be a real danger. Our professionals come with all the necessary gear and equipment. Book us today.

Ant Control

Get professional ant control services in Brisbane. We guarantee the full removal of all ant populations in your property. Request a free quote online!

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can transport a range of health-threatening viruses and bacteria. Prevent this by booking reliable mosquito control.

Fly Control

Flies may seem harmless but can cause allergies, skin conditions, and food contamination. Prevent this by booking our fly control service in Brisbane.

Moth Control

Don’t let a moth infestation demolish your clothes, rugs, and other materials and textiles. Get a reliable moth control service at affordable prices.

Carpet Beetle Removal

Rely on our qualified team of local carpet beetle removal experts in Brisbane to fully remove your pest infestation problem. Get a free quote.

End of Lease Pest Control

Our specialised end of lease pest control service will offer a thorough inspection, full pest elimination, and an official document for the conducted service.

Possum Removal

Our possum removal service in Brisbane is among the most trusted and preferred among the area’s residents. Rely on us for the safe and harmless elimination of possums from your property.

Dead Animal Removal

Don’t expose yourself, your family, or your colleagues to the risks associated with sharing a space with carcasses. Call the experts for advanced dead animal removal in Brisbane today.

Why choose Nifty Pest Control in Brisbane?

If you are looking for a reliable pest control service in your area, make sure to check our expert services in Brisbane and the nearby areas. Local residents can take advantage of:

Online Bookings

Request a pest control service easily by filling in our contact form. We will get in touch with you to arrange all the details and will handle the rest.

Non-obligatory Quotes

Our company provides non-obligatory pricing of each pest control treatment. Our prices are fair and affordable for every household and business.

Expert Approach

The local exterminator experts achieve results quickly and effectively. They provide you with all the needed information to prevent further vermin problems.

Experienced pest exterminators in Brisbane

Working with local exterminators in Brisbane means that we are available for emergency pest control in the area and are able to send somebody for a same-day treatment.

All pest controllers are knowledgeable, have passed a thorough check and are fully licensed to perform pest extermination services. Additionally, we make sure to use the latest advancements in the industry to our advantage. With modern pesticides, quality pest control tools and proper know-how, nothing stands in the way between us and the vermin that plagues your Brisbane home.

Pest Exterminators in Brisbane


“Quick to come by and reliable pest technicians. Got rid of my rats and pointed to a bunch of weak spots in our home that needed fixing. All is good now, thanks to Nifty”

Ryder Colleano

“Speedy & effective pest control! We are happy with the service, communication and everything else! Would recommend to anyone!”


I need an exterminator today. Is it too late to book?

We have same-day availability, so go ahead and give us a call! We will ensure to send a local technician to your property ASAP.

Are you available during the weekend?

Yes! We can also perform service on any of the bank holidays with no extra charge on top!

How is the price formed?

We charge per visit/treatment and not per hour. The end cost of pest control in Brisbane depends on how many visits/treatments we have to make.

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