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Dependable moth extermination in a few steps

Although moths may not seem like a direct threat, living or working in a space that they’ve invaded is certainly not a good idea. They are well-known for contaminating your food via their droppings, destroying your clothes, and can irritate your skin or even cause asthma attacks during their caterpillar phase. Our professional moth removal solution takes care of both cure and prevention, omitting any risk.

Step 1

Full inspection – To curate the most suitable and fail-safe moth elimination plan, our experts will conduct a thorough property inspection. This first step allows us to identify what type of moth we are dealing with, the degree of the infestation, as well as the current and future damages. We will also pinpoint the factors at your location that attract moths.

Step 2

Extermination plan – Gathering the valuable info from step one will help us create a customized and specific to your needs moth treatment process. We will share how we plan to act, what results we expect to see, how long the task will take, and will inform you about any instructions that you may need to keep in mind during the process.

Step 3

Elimination & prevention – The last stage is dedicated to the complete removal of moths and the prevention of the problem arising again in the future. We have a diverse set of available protective gear, equipment, tools, and organic and approved sprays and repellants. Our tested and proven service will leave your property entirely moth-free and clean.

Signs you need moth control

Have you spotted any small holes in your woollen or silk clothes? Are you discovering damaged leather materials that look half-eaten? Can you see any weird webbings, cocoons or tiny larvae similar to caterpillars on your clothes? Maybe your carpets look harmed and ruffled up? These could all be signs of a moth infestation problem. Reach out to us and let our pest technicians inspect your property.


Why you should choose Nifty

Our dedicated and highly trained moth removal experts provide one of the highest standards when it comes to pest control in Sydney. By booking a service with us you can expect:

  • Licensed moth control specialists to show up at your door
  • 100% eco-friendly, family-friendly products used
  • Free and comprehensive quotes and a transparent pricing model
  • Local pest control specialists that always arrive on time

Don’t let the bugs bite! Take action by getting in touch with one of the most affordable and high-quality pest control company in Sydney.


How fast can moths infest your property?

Moth’s reproduction cycles are continuous and in a very short period, these nuances can take over your property.

What problems can moths cause?

Moths can contaminate your food and clothes leading to diseases, they can irritate you, your family members, and guests or colleagues. They can also damage your clothes and different types of fabric. Some of the more serious problems include causing asthma attacks during their caterpillar stage.

Does the Nifty moth control service remove all the moths from an infected area?

Although no service can guarantee 100% moth extraction, we take pride in our exceptional results and will do whatever it takes to ensure your problem is resolved.

Can I book the Nifty moth treatment solution during the weekend?

Yes, our Sydney moth extraction teams are available during weekends and official holidays for your convenience.

I can't pinpoint where the moth problem at home is coming from. What should I do?

Seeing a moth or two inside your property doesn’t uncover the origin of the problem. To identify where the moths are coming from and what’s attracting them, get in touch with us and we will send a qualified and experienced pest control team to your location for a full inspection.


William Stone-Wigg

“Amazing work! The results were evident after a single visit and the prices are low and affordable for any budget.”

Eliza Kabu

“We were experiencing serious trouble at home as all of our clothes were being ruined. At first, we thought we are doing something wrong with the washing machine but soon enough realized that we had a moth problem, which explained the tiny holes everywhere. Nifty came to our house for an inspection, quickly removed the moths and we have had no problems since. Thank you for the superb service!”

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