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Our rat and mice extermination in short

At Nifty Pest Control we use a proven 3-step method to get rid of the most popular rodent intruders – rats and mice. Our services are comprehensive and include everything needed to secure your home and ensure that the property is rodent-free. We work with local mice and rat exterminators in Sydney and other areas and are available for emergency mice and rat control if you happen to need that.

Step 1

Home Inspection – the rat exterminator is tasked to locate all rodent nesting grounds and evaluate the severity of the infestation. Only then, he can proceed with the actual mice or rat control procedure.

Step 2

2 Visits for Treatment – this is usually how many times the local mice exterminator has to come and treat the premises. We use a potent and quick-acting pesticide to deal with the problem. After that, your home will be rodent-free!

Step 3

Prevention – if the construction of your property has some flaws or the mice exterminator notices a breach from which rodents can enter, he will advise you on further activities you could do to avoid problems with rats and mice.

Our rat & mice control in Sydney explained clearly

We take your request and send out a local exterminator from Sydney or another area if you happen to be located in a different one. The pro will carefully inspect the entire premises and will evaluate the severity of your rodent problem. At this stage, he also chooses the proper method of mice or rat eradication, as different situations require different types of actions. The treatment will have an effect from the first visit but we do recommend that you book at least 2 visits in order to completely eliminate the rodents. If you have a severe problem with rats or mice, more treatments will be needed. Your rat controller will keep you informed at all times!

Mice & Rat Pest Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

Nifty Pest Control is your reliable provider of rodent extermination services such as eradicating rats or mice. Some of the benefits of using our help include:

  • 24/7 customer support that allows you to schedule a visit as soon as you notice a problem;
  • Emergency and same-day availability if you’re allergic or just want us to rid you of the problem ASAP
  • Our cutting-edge tools and commercial pesticides achieve remarkable results from the first visit!

Rodents shouldn’t be underestimated. They mate at a lightning-fast rate and only one male and one female are enough to grow a colony within two weeks! At that point, they also create a lot of entry and escape points, so it gets harder to eradicate them. Phone us as soon as you notice their presence and we will rid you of this nasty pest!


How do I know if my home is infested with rats or mice?

These rodents are quite noticeable, especially during the night when the house is quiet – you may see one running about your home.

Additionally, mice and rats leave other signs such as gnaw markings, scratches on surfaces, droppings and pee puddles. If you have a large infestation, even the smell inside your house can indicate a rodent problem.

Do I need to prepare for the mice and rat control in any way?

Only if you’ve tried any DIY treatments. Please, ensure that you have removed any traps or poisons from your property in order to allow the technician full and harmless access to the areas of your home.

How long does a rat & mice control visit lasts?

It all depends on the size of your property and the severity of the rodent infestation.

Is there a way to prevent rat & mice infestations?

Nothing is for certain but as best practices, we suggest that you:

  • Maintain your home clean at all times;
  • Protect your food – seal it well, put it in the fridge or freezer, clean up any spillage or foodstuffs from the cupboards regularly;
  • Protect your garbage bins and make sure they are sealed and clean, as to not invite any unwanted visitors;
  • Seal cracks and holes in the construction of your property to prevent the rodents from entering;
  • If you leave pet food outdoors, make sure to keep it inside and somewhere sealed for the night;
  • Get yourself a cat that will protect the premises from both rats and mice with its very presence.
Are the pesticides you use for rat & mice control safe?

Yes. We put poisonous baits at hidden areas around your house, away from children’s and pet’s reach.


Angelina Wilcox

“We saw effect right from the bat! The mice exterminator came, took a careful look around and placed several boxes of poison. Same thing at the second visit and the mice were all destroyed. Very effective!”

Rachel. B. P.

“Quick, effective, and most importantly – affordable. We will definitely get in touch with you again if we happen to have problems with other intruders!”

Does another vermin plague your home?

At Nifty Pest Control, we specialize in the detection and extermination of a variety of pest species, such as:

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach removal services in Sydney and other areas has an immediate knock-down effect on the roaches’ population. We work with insecticides that have a snowball effect and destroy their colony quickly and almost effortlessly. The treatment is also safe for pets and children.

Flea Treatment

Fleas are usually brought home by pets or other pests such as mice and rats. To effectively treat home flea infestations, we use a proven spray product that works wonders for indoor surfaces. We can synchronize the flea treatment for the same day when you bring your animal to the vet.

Wasp & Bee Removal

Bees and wasps stings are not only painful but can cause allergic reactions in many. Having their nests close to your property is inconvenient and worrisome. We offer speedy wasp nest removal services in Sydney and many other areas and our local exterminators are available!

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