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A result-proven fly treatment service near you

Flies are the most troublesome nuisances in the house. They always find their way into your home and rarely leave without causing you stress and discomfort. Not only can they irritate you by landing on your meal or skin, but they can also cause harm to your immune system by carrying nearly 200 different bacteria and viruses. Take action – spraying for flies with a store-bought repellant is not always enough. Our Sydney team of certified and professional pest control experts delivers reliable fly control in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Area check – We will send a Nifty certified professional to your location for a full assessment of the fly infestation. Our knowledgeable pest control specialists will consider the geographic location, property structure and foundation, and your lifestyle to make a comprehensive evaluation.

Step 2

Fly management – Once the analysis has been conducted, the Nifty pest management experts will suggest the best solution based on the collected information. Regardless of the chosen method, our processes include gentle on the environment and safe to use products, repellants, and insecticides.

Step 3

Prevention guidance – Even when the flies have been eliminated, our work is not done. We will offer free guidance on how to avoid suffering from a fly infestation in the future by a slight change of lifestyle or regular use of proven methods and products. Our friendly pest control specialists love what they do and enjoy helping others!

Leave your infestation problems to our Sydney fly extermination team

Are you tired of flies disturbing your peace at home or the office? Do they keep annoying you by making that irritating buzzing sound and brazenly landing on food, beverages, or your children? Maybe you’ve tried local sprays or other repellants purchased at the store but nothing changes?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Nifty Pest Control has years of experience dealing with the most persistent commercial and residential pests. Our knowledge and expertise mean that there is nothing we can’t handle. Keep your living or working space in perfect hygiene by taking advantage of our quality and affordable fly control management solution.


Why choose Nifty?

Years of experience as qualified pest control specialists have allowed us to design a complete and attractive solution for any pest problem. Book our flawless and advanced fly elimination service and benefit from:

  • Same day service that tackles the problem immediately
  • Free quotes and no binding contracts
  • Professional products and technology that cannot be purchased at the local store
  • Budget-friendly prices that are among the most affordable in Sydney

You don’t have to wait until the air is filled with flies to call a professional. We’re here to consult you, suggest an answer to your questions, and help you solve any pest concern with zero stress. All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know what you need.


Why should I use a professional fly control service?

Experienced pest control companies come with so much more than simply a repellant or insecticide to get rid of your flies for a few days at best. They bring along knowledge, experience, and a detailed view of how to execute the perfect pest elimination method.

Can you tackle any type of fly?

Nifty’s dedicated fly management experts in Sydney have all the relevant information and knowledge to approach with professionalism any type of fly that may be intruding your home or working space.

How does your fly control service help?

Once we arrive at your location, we will fully examine the situation to prepare the perfect fly elimination process. We will make sure that flies are excluded from your property by restricting their access. We will then proceed to termination by using reliable and safe for the environment products. Finally, we will share useful information on how you can stay clear of flies in the future.

Can I book a fly control service after working hours?

Yes, you can make off working hours bookings and last minute bookings. On top of that, you can count on our experts being there for same-day services to handle emergency situations.

What type of chemicals do you use?

The products that we work with are all designed for professional use only and do not cause any harm to the environment, to humans, or to pets. Our methods are odourless, don’t cause any skin irritation or other side effects. We are proud to work with 100% safe to use and clean solutions.


Marcus Downer

“We had a huge fly problem at home and we were worried about the kids’ health. We received a quote from Nifty and were surprised by the low costs. We weren’t sure what to expect but can gladly say that the quality of their work is exceptional.”

Tyson Fleming

“I called Nifty Pest Control for fly treatment after work and thought they would be able to come to my property in at least a few days. Thankfully, they arrived on the same day although it was outside working hours and provided the service. Many thanks! A great team with superb customer service.”

Are flies not your only pest problem?

If you are experiencing difficulty controlling other pests in Sydney, we are here for you with expert and professional pest control services.

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