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Our flea extermination service in short

The local flea exterminator arrives and examines your property before the start of the flea treatment. We use effective anti-flea products that have an immediate knock-down effect and will kill off the majority of the population of fleas. However, for a durable result and complete extermination of the fleas, we usually visit a property a second time to apply a residual solution, developed to provide lasting protection of your home.

Step 1

Property Inspection – your local flea exterminator in Sydney or in another area will get to your property (home or office) at the scheduled day and time to carefully examine the area and evaluate the situation.

Step 2

Flea Pest Control Treatment – during this visit, he will spray your property with a potent product that will eliminate most of the fleas. To completely eradicate all fleas on site, he will come for a second time and apply a different product.

Step 3

Prevention – the flea pest controller near your area will give you further instructions on what to do to prevent re-infestation and some guidance on how to keep fleas away from your home in the first place.

Our flea pest control process explained clearly

The flea extermination process used by Nifty’s exterminators is completely safe for your pets and your family! The entire procedure consists of three steps:

  • detection and confirmation of a flea infestation;
  • initial knock-down flea treatment;
  • second, residual flea pest control spray.

We will always update you on the results and how the treatment advances. In fact, our flea exterminators will handle you a written report at the end of each visit. They will also give you some invaluable tips to ensure that the flea pest control will be as effective and fast as possible.

Fleas Pest Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

There are many benefits of using a local flea pest control company such as Nifty Pest Control. We offer:

  • Some of the most affordable flea control services on the market;
  • Local exterminators of fleas in Sydney and other areas;
  • Same-day and emergency treatments, should you need them;
  • Helpful customer support and free quotations.

The flea pest controllers are all well-trained and with years of practice on the job. They are also fully equipped with the latest industry tools, pesticides, and insecticides. Our flea treatments will definitely achieve a great result and leave your home pest-free for long!


What are the signs of a flea infestation?

Fleas bite both people and pets. Since they can’t fly but can jump quite high, you may notice tiny red bites on your legs that aren’t itchy until you scratch them. Those aren’t sore like a mosquito bites but look like a red pen marks.

The most obvious sign is if your pet scratches itself too often and too harshly. That’s one of the surest signs of flea problems.

To confirm that it’s actually fleas, you can check your pet’s bedding and the carpet around for dark dots – those are flea excrements.

Is there anything I should do prior to the flea treatment?

Yes, you can vacuum, declutter and clean your entire home, and especially the areas where you suspect an infestation. Once we perform the flea treatment, you won’t be able to clean those areas for at least 3 weeks – that is how much time is needed for the product to settle in and give you maximum protection against fleas.

Please, ensure that the area which will be treated is empty of people, children and pets during the time of treatment and at least 4 hours after that. When you return to your home, make sure to ventilate the rooms well.

What to do after the flea treatment?

It is strongly advised that you don’t clean the treated areas for at least 3 weeks. If you do, this can minimize the potency of the treatment and hinder the protective qualities of the products we’ve used.

If you have a pet, you should definitely keep it outside the property until you take it to the vet. We suggest that you arrange your flea pest control service for the same day as the vet visit.

Are you available during the weekend?

Yes, we also perform our flea treatment services on bank holidays with no extra charges!

Are the flea insecticides safe?

Yes, the products we use are completely safe once you allow them a couple of hours to settle down. If you happen to come in contact with a wet product on a surface, make sure to thoroughly wash yourself up.


Alexis C.

“Easy to arrange and with fast results. Our flea service was also quite affordable in comparison to quotes from other companies. We’re happy”

Jack Dagnar

“They really know their job! The staff gave us helpful tips to do before the service and the pro was quick to arrive and got right to the job. Overall efficient service”

Are there other vermin in your home?

If you have the bad luck of getting multiple infestations, worry not! Nifty Pest Control also offers:

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