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Our cockroach extermination process in short

Cockroaches are the most disgusting intruder you can have in your domestic or business property. We use effective bait treatment for cockroaches with a domino effect on the insect’s population to remove the vermin in as little visits as possible. Our local cockroach exterminators come fully-prepared with insecticides, pesticides and professional tools. Here is our 3-step cockroach treatment process:

Step 1

Evaluation – the cockroach technician will start by examining the entire property and locating the cockroach infestation. This step will show us exactly what product to use to eradicate the pest as quickly and effectively as possible.

Step 2

Cockroach treatment – the cockroach pest controller in Sydney will place a special bait gel on spots and places which cockroaches will come in contact with. At least two treatments are required to eradicate the cockroaches entirely.

Step 3

Prevention – your local cockroach exterminator in Sydney or another area will give you prevention tips with regards to the type of your property. This way, your home or business will be cockroach-free for longer!

Our cockroach treatment in Sydney explained clearly

We send out a local exterminator to handle your cockroach problem. Before he applies any product, he will check the entire property and mark specific spots where the poisonous bait gel should be placed. Then, he will set the gel there while ensuring that pets and children won’t get into contact with the product. Once the cockroaches start to feed on this gel, they will activate a chain reaction – since cockroaches are cannibals, other cockroaches will eat the dead ones and infect themselves. Soon enough, the entire population will be eradicated.

To achieve a long-lasting result with the cockroach treatment, we recommend at least 2 visits by the local pest controller. He will apply different gel types each time to ensure that the roaches won’t form resistance to the products used.

Cockroach Pest Control in Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

If you look for effective cockroach control in Sydney, then Nifty Pest Control is your top option. We work tirelessly to offer you:

  • 24/7 emergency treatments against cockroaches and other pests;
  • Free & non-obligational quotes;
  • Transparent rates, affordable cockroach control and no price increase for services performed on bank holidays!

Choose our local exterminators for a quick response to your cockroach problem. All technicians are fully-equipped, with years of hands-on experience and knowledgeable of the latest industry developments.


How long until the treatment takes effect?

Our cockroach control process takes a toll on the infestation immediately. As soon as a single cockroach ingests the poison and goes back “home”, it will poison many more of its specie. However, to completely get rid of roaches might take some time – it depends on the size of the infestation and the frequency of visits by the pro. Since the German cockroach is the most difficult to destroy, long-lasting results will take some time and patience.

I saw a cockroach! Is my home infested?

If you’ve spotted a single roach, chances are that your home is infested. Cockroaches reproduce really fast and remain out of sight for a long time because of their nocturnal nature. If you’ve seen roaches during the day, that’s a sure sign that the population is significant.

Why are cockroaches attracted to my property?

Similar to other pests, cockroaches are also attracted to clutter, food scraps and damp areas. All of these entice the roaches to enter your home and establish a permanent residence with an abundance of food, shelter and water – all they need to continue to breed.

My home is clean. What else can attract the roaches?

Having a clean property doesn’t result in a 100% guarantee that cockroaches will avoid it. Dampness in itself is a huge factor and completely sufficient for roaches to reproduce in big numbers. So, even if you do your best to maintain your home, sometimes the cockroach will still find its way in. Your best bet is a quick and effective response with the help of a roach exterminator.

Are cockroaches harmful?

The German cockroach (small and brown) can bite if threatened. Besides, roaches crawl at some of the most unsightly places, picking up germs, bacteria, and grime along the way. So, they can contaminate your home as they don’t nitpick the areas they visit – they just go everywhere in search of food and water.


Oliver R.

“It was a pleasure having Nifty’s pest technicians around. They checked all nooks and crannies before the service and devised a control plan specific for my restaurant. Roaches were gone in three visits! Thanks!”

James Hare

“Quick to attend to any pest issue! I’ve had several types of vermin problems so far and Nifty managed all of them remarkably quickly, and most of all, effectively. Will continue using and recommending their services!”

Did another pest intrude your home or office?

Worry not, as Nifty Pest Control in Sydney and other areas in Australia perform quality treatments of many pest species.

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