Effective Bed Bug Control Services in Sydney

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Our bed bug extermination in Sydney in short

The bed bug exterminator identifies and eradicates bed bugs in all life stages – grown-ups and eggs. We have a clear and working process consisting of a few visits. This way, we manage to effectively control the bed bug population and removing the pest from your home. We work with local bed bug exterminators in Sydney who achieve great results and ensure that your home is insect-free!

Step 1

Property Inspection – your Sydney bedbug exterminator will examine your home to ensure that he will locate the bed bug’s nesting grounds. He will also evaluate their population and will choose the proper method of eradication.

Step 2

Initial Bed Bug Treatment – the bed bug controller in Sydney will proceed with the extermination techniques that best fits your specific situation. Usually, we spray the property with a powerful industrial insecticide that is pet- and child-safe.

Step 3

Residual Bed Bug Treatment – on the second visit, your local bed bug removalist will spray with a residual solution that is designed to adhere to surfaces and protect your home from bed bugs for a long period of time. After that, your house will truly be a bedbug-free zone!

Our bed bug treatment in Sydney explained clearly

We offer a complete service to control and eradicate bed bugs in Sydney in a couple of visits, depending on the size and severity of the infestation. Our bed bug control has an immediate knock-down effect and ensures lasting protection of your home and family. Our bed bug exterminators use only industry-approved insecticides and pesticides that are graded for professional use, thus, we achieve powerful results from the first visit!

Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney

Why choose Nifty?

With the help of Nifty Pest Control, you can be sure that bed bugs will be gone and forgotten about! This is because our pest control services for bed bugs are:

  • Done with commercial-grade products and tools;
  • Completed by local bed bug exterminators in Sydney, who can arrive quickly for a treatment;
  • The service consists of the full circle of activities needed to eradicate the bed bug colony – inspection, treatment, and residual protection;

No matter how big or small your bed bug problem is, Nifty Pest Control is available to help! We make sure that our bed bug control procedures are up to the latest industry standards and that they are effective and affordable enough for every household or business.


How to know if my home is infested with bed bugs?

The surest sign is noticing the bugs on your bed and furniture that you use frequently.

Dark brown or black spots on your sheets, mattress, or pillowcases – these are the bugs’ excrements.

Another sign of bed bug presence is the bite marks they leave on your skin – tiny red dots that can itch or not. It’s common for them to be ordered in a line on your arms, back, neck or other areas of your body.

You can notice blood marks or dots that are caused by crushed insects.

If you notice some of the above signs but are still unsure whether you have bed bugs, think if you have travelled and stayed anywhere recently. You might have brought the bugs to your home.

What should I do prior to the bed bug control procedure?

We recommend to remove all bedding, wash it on high degrees and leave the bed and mattress as is until the bed bug treatment is performed.

Remove items from under the bed and declutter the room as best as you can.

Vacuum thoroughly all affected areas and dispose of the vacuum bag at an outdoor garbage bin.

Ensure that the property is completely empty of people and pets (even fish) before the treatment starts.

What to do after the bed bug treatment?

Make sure that your Sydney home remains empty even of pets for at least 4 hours. This will allow the insecticide to settle in cracks and crevices.

After you return to your house, ventilate the rooms well.

Don’t clean treated areas in any way for at least 4 days. This way, the product used by the bed bug exterminator will take its full effect on the bed bug population and will kill off the colony more efficiently.

How to protect my home from further bed bug problems?

Make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect all your belongings when you’re returning from a trip.

Keep good hygiene in your bedroom and frequently clean mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets; wash the bedding and curtains often.

Avoid buying second-hand furniture with upholstered elements – bed bugs might be hiding inside.

Is the treatment against bed bugs safe?

Yes. Our bed bug control service is entirely safe for you and your family.


Aidan Hoskins

“Great service! We saw results with the first visit and all bedbugs were gone soon after! We are relieved and thankful!”

Ch. Morres

“I noticed some red dots but bed bugs were the last on my mind. Then a friend recommended Nifty’s services and once the pro arrived and checked my bedroom, he immediately pointed out the clues! They got rid of them quickly, so I’m very happy with them.”

Do you have a problem with another vermin?

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