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Our professional ant elimination solution in detail


Although some assume that all ant problems are identical and should be treated the same, this is a serious misconception. There is a wide variety of ant types and each one has their own, unique habits.

Before our certified Sydney ant control professionals can offer a solution, they will thoroughly analyze the situation by inspecting the full scope of the area. Eliminating the ants that you see feeding on your food or crawling in your space is not enough.

Based on your ant situation, our professional team of ant experts can provide bait placement solutions, spraying for ants with advanced non-repellent insecticide, and more. Every product we use is safe for children and pets. We understand ant behavior and can provide targeted and guaranteed solutions.

Complete ant treatment for your home or office: A brief overview

Ant infestation is among the most commonly faced problems in Sydney. With nearly 1,500 ant species living in Australia, this is no surprise. Although handling the problem may look like a piece of cake, eliminating whole ant colonies or hidden crawlers for good can be a real nightmare. Nifty’s qualified and skilled ant elimination team has all it takes to completely remove ants from your commercial or residential property following just 3 steps:

Area inspection

A full examination of the property will be conducted by the trained team of Nifty experts. Our thorough ant inspection will uncover even the tiniest and most hidden places that ant colonies may be hiding.

Insecticide choice

After locating the problem and identifying the type of ants that are threatening your living or working space, we will choose the best, eco-friendly ant control solution. We use professional and advanced insecticides for durable results.

Treatment & prevention

We are now ready for ant extermination. We will apply the chosen products in the affected area and offer prevention for the nearby zones in your property to ensure the problem is completely eradicated.

Do you need any other pest control services?

Will eliminating the ants in your home solve all of your pest problems? Nifty Pest Control has a rich variety of pest treatments that you can enjoy in Sydney:

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are not only visually unappealing but they are also a carrier of a lot of viruses, bacteria, and dirt. They can quickly spread when left uncontrolled and can take over your living or working space. Contact us for professional cockroach elimination.

Spider Control

Even if you don’t find spiders frightening, some of them are extremely poisonous and threatening to your health. Don’t waste any time if you spot a spider at home or at the office and give us a call for a fast and dependable solution.

Flea Control

If you have pets at home or have had pest control problems, chances are that you’ve spotted fleas in your property. We can quickly destroy flea populations and rid you of this persistent and quickly spreading infestation.

Why choose Nifty?

If you want to say goodbye to your ant problems at home or at work forever, Nifty Pest Control is here to help! Our Sydney ant control experts work determinedly to deliver:

  • Full-time availability, including weekends and holidays
  • Exceptional and lasting ant termination results
  • Tailored ant control solutions suitable for every situation
  • Same day service that won’t keep you waiting

Regardless of whether you’ve spotted a few ants at home or you’re experiencing serious problems with an ant infestation, one of Nifty Pest Control’s experienced professionals can arrive at your location and inspect the area.

We will offer a free consultation and ensure that no further damage is caused. Reach out to us and let us tackle your ant infestation problems professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you notice even a single ant you should consider calling the experts. Although the problem may not look serious, ants quickly form colonies and with a mother queen leading their way, they could soon become difficult to handle.

Yes, there are numerous ant species that can occupy your home or office and it’s important to speak to a professional who can pinpoint the type you are dealing with. Ants have different behaviours and habits and eliminating them will involve knowledge and experience.

We provide a full solution and won’t stop until your ant problem is completely resolved. We will examine the affected areas in detail, suggest the proper solution, and execute it by following tested and result-proven methods. Afterwards, we will provide post-service guidance and consultation on how to avoid the problem in the future.

Having to share your living or working space with ants is certainly unpleasant and a risk to your health and hygiene. You can book us last-minute and you can rely on a same day service for your convenience and safety.

Although the majority of insecticides on the market have a reputation for being extremely strong and using dangerous chemicals, Nifty’s selection of ant control products are 100% environmentally safe and cause no threat to humans and pets.

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